How to Refer

VHI is a surgeon directed clinic and each referral will be triaged based on the referral letter as well as review of the X-ray images.

Please use the VHI referral form to refer a patient. In order for a patient to be referred to VHI the following must be completed:

  1. A complete history of present illness as well as medical history on the referral
  2. VHI hip X-ray series must be completed within the last 6 months at one of the clinics listed on our X-ray requisition form
  3. Provide available radiology reports
  4. An MRI is NOT necessary for referral.

    Acute tendon avulsions, such as those of the hamstring tendon origin from the ischium, need to be investigated and treated urgently. If you suspect a hamstring avulsion, a specific note should be made on the referral letter. Alternatively, you may speak directly with one of the surgeons.